The GRIND, 2013

THE GRIND, 2013-14

Part of what makes New York City so astonishing is its vast array of sounds. Audio creates vibrations which move into space and through other mediums. We cannot see or feel sound, yet we know it’s there.

In an effort to combine sound with sight, and technology with biology, The Grind represents the sounds of New York City in three-dimensional form.

Audio samples of New York City were collected over the span of a month and converted into visual sound waves. The sound waves were then transformed into various three-dimensional surfaces using 3D modeling software. Oscillations from the physical representation of the audio were milled into reclaimed local wood using CNC-machining technology.

The wood grain is emblematic of the passing of time, as the sound waves vibrate through the grain and create the urban soundscape.

Silver Maple, High-grade Polyurethane 

42" Length x 30" Width x 2" Depth